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Severus Snape fandom and Icontests

Welcome to Team Snape, for Severus Snape fans around the globe!

Community Rules

* All topics must be Snape related. Fairly obvious in a Snape community ...

* You may only promote once every 10 days here, and you may only promote Snape related things. Excessive promoting or non-Snape promotion posts will be deleted.

* Put spoilers behind cuts! Anything to do with the new Order of the Phoenix movie or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is currently categorized as "Spoiler".

* Images wider than 400 px should be behind a cut.

Cut Script: <*lj cut text="put your own text here"*>Image, text, spoilers etc<*/lj-cut*>

Remove the asterisks [*] in order for the code to work.

Icontest Rules

* All icons must be original. No recylcing icons or using pre-made bases.

* Icons must adhere to Livejournal standards:

† 100x100 pixels
† 40kb or smaller
† .jpg/.png./.gif format

* All icons must be kept anonymous until the winners are announced. No cross-posting to other icontests, posting in personal journals or sharing in any shape or form.

* Enter no less than two icons and no more than five!

* Avoid entering icons that contain spoilers.

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